Your iPhone can help you avoid making an embarrassing Gmail mistake

Have you ever clicked “send” on an email in Gmail and you immediately wished you hadn’t? If you know that sinking feeling too well then Apple has good news for you. iPhone makers released their iOS 16 update this week which adds a brand new feature that lets you unsend an email.

This feature is available in Apple’s own Mail app, and it’s easy to take advantage of.

After sending an email in the Mail app, you’ll see an “Undo Send” button appear at the bottom of your screen.

Just tap on it to make sure the message doesn’t reach its original recipient.

When you click “Undo Send” on a message, you will be taken to a screen displaying the message where you can edit it and send it again. You can also tap Cancel and delete the message entirely or save it to your drafts.

If you want to take advantage of this exciting new feature, however, you’ll need to act quickly.

As Apple explains in an online support documentby default, you will only have a 10 second window to unsend an email.

You can extend this to 30 seconds – or disable the feature entirely – by heading into the settings.

To tinker with this feature, head into the Settings app, then tap Mail, then choose Override Send Delay.

You can then completely disable the “Undo Send” function or choose a window of 10, 20 or 30 seconds in which you can undo the sending of an email.

This handy new tool was added to iPhones alongside the release of iOS 16 which dropped on Monday.

This highly anticipated new operating system update adds many new features such as the ability to change your lock screen, which offers an unprecedented level of customization for iOS.

You can change the style and color of the fonts that appear on your lock screen and add a range of custom first and third party widgets.

If you’re planning on getting the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, you’ll benefit the most from this feature because those phones – which are released on Friday – are the first Apple smartphones to have an always-on display.

Elsewhere, if you use Apple’s Messages app a lot, iOS 16 has added a neat feature that could save you a lot of embarrassment.

As with the Mail app, Messages will now allow you to unsend a message.

Just long-press on a message you want to delete and you’ll have up to two minutes to unsend a message.

You can also edit posts and get up to 15 minutes to edit a post.

These cool features are only available on texts that appear blue on the Messages app. You will not be able to modify the text messages or cancel the sending of the text messages that appear in green.

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