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A Williamsport-area school district administrator who has held various positions within the district will take over as assistant superintendent later this year.

The school board at its meeting this week endorsed Dr Richard Poole for the position.

Poole, director of student services for the district, will replace Dr. Susan Bigger, who is due to retire on June 30.

Poole, who will earn $140,000 in the new position, said he looks forward to working with faculty and staff and building relationships with students and the community.

“I am focused on pursuing strong instructional practices and developing safe schools where our students can continue to progress academically in an environment that promotes problem solving and meets the social and emotional needs of all of our students” , he said.

Poole began his career as a physical education and health teacher at Williamsport Area High School.

He later served as assistant principal of the Curtin and Williamsport area middle schools and principal of Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary School.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy Bowers highlighted Poole’s wealth of professional experience and leadership ability that will help move the district forward.

The Board also approved Michael Shaeffer as Assistant Maintenance/Facility Supervisor.

Schaeffer served as a general maintenance worker in the district.

Bowers said there are still jobs to be filled in the district, including a number of teaching positions.

“We have a lot of teaching positions posted there,” he said.

He urged people to advertise vacancies.

Bowers said district residents can go to the district’s website to express their views on the future of Stevens Elementary School.

The council will eventually decide to close, renovate or raze the school building on Louisa Street.

District residents can also attend board meetings to comment on the matter.

“We encourage people to reach out” he said.

To fund various capital projects, principals voted to approve a resolution allowing the district to work with PFM Financial Advisors LLC and Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP in issuing general bonds in an amount not not exceeding $9.7 million.

The board also voted to pay off general obligation bonds beginning in 2017 for a potential net savings of $40,000.

The board approved the resignations of Kelly S. Grassmyer, high school janitor, and Kristi A. Heller, part-time special education aide.

The following personnel have been approved for the positions:

• Erica Bolden, Paraprofessional/Intervention Specialist, Curtin Intermediate School, $23,970.

• Frank G. Govan, part-time administrative support, mailroom at District Service Center, $13.75 per hour.

• Carissa Anjard, Registered Nurse, Supply Health Room Technician, $32 per hour.

• Cindy Colvin, Licensed Practical Nurse, Supply Health Room Technician, $20 per hour.

• Nadera Hoyt, Licensed Practical Nurse, Supply Health Room Technician, $20 per hour.

The board approved Jordyn Gehr as an assistant athletics coach for the boys with a stipend of $2,560.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22 at Curtin Intermediate School.

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