Villagers turn garden hedge into stunning Polar Express Christmas display

From a garden hedge to a fantastically festive light decoration in the form of a locomotive bound for Lapland – this stunning Christmas display has finally had the big switch.

Michael Ingleson and his father Bob have spent the last year turning a topiary into a train in their village of Holderness.

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The idea originally arose eight years ago when Michael scribbled a sketch on a post-it imagining what his garden hedge would look like in front of his Ottringham home as a steam train.

“I always thought the hedge looked like a steam train, so I drew it one day,” Michael told Hull Live.

And the idea was all but forgotten, until the lockdown hit last year and the duo were looking for ways to deal with it.

The display of lights from Michael Ingleson’s Christmas steam train, which was built around his garden hedge to boost the morale of the villagers of Ottringham

Both are graphic designers, Michael working for the SGS agency in Hull, while Bob, 75, is now retired.

Michael, 38, said: “Dad and I needed something to do, so we made a frame for the train hedge and lit it.

The train is made of wood, screws and a lot of superglue. ”

Fast forward 12 months, and the neighbors were able to gather together on Sunday night as Michael lit up, seeing his doodle light up in real life.

Michael Ingleson’s Steam Train Christmas Light Display

“The neighbors seem to like it happily so far,” added Michael.

“We will put it in place every year while everything is still working.”

One of Hull’s most beloved festive displays is also slated for Big Lightning this week, with 100,000 bulbs.

Mike Manders’ Christmas lights on Acland Street in West Hull will raise funds for Action for Children, beating the 30,000 lights he installed last year.

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Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered outside Hull Town Hall earlier this month to watch the city light up for another season.

People received free pies and were treated to a short fireworks display to celebrate the 2021 Christmas lights coming on.

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