Tyson Fury reveals he is announcing fight NEXT WEEK

Tyson Fury will announce who his next opponent will be next week, with Oleksandr Usyk preferring a match next year.

Usyk slammed Fury’s trashy talk, after the Gypsy King accused the Ukrainian of “running” and “hiding” from his anticipated world title unification bout.

The WBO, WBA and IBF champion appeared to rule out the prospect of the unification bout happening before the end of the year due to injuries and his desire to spend more time with his family.

WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury to announce his next boxing fight next week

Fury revealed on Saturday at WWE’s “Clash At The Castle” event in Wales that he will be announcing his next fight next week.

‘Usyk called me after his last fight with [Anthony] Joshua,” he told a news conference.

“I replied, I said let’s do the fight this year, wherever they want to do it.

Oleksandr Usyk claimed that Tyson Fury would be

Fury suggested that Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk claimed Fury would be ‘silent’ in person after the Gypsy King’s trashy social media speech in which he said the Ukrainian was ‘hiding’ from a unification match

“I was waiting for offers from countries to come and suddenly Usyk said he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He wants to fight next year, not this year.

“I’m not going to wait for anyone. I will announce a fight next week.

The Gypsy King vowed to “erase” Usyk in a social media post on Friday, and called him a “middleweight” in mockery.

In response, Usyk said Fury “likes to talk” and suggested that the Gypsy King would remain silent if they came face to face with a cryptic message.

As reported by sky sports, Usyk said: ‘All the fancy comments against me, he probably thinks it will affect me. But it won’t be

Usyk is confident a heavyweight title unification bout with the Gypsy King will go ahead

Usyk is confident a heavyweight title unification bout with the Gypsy King will go ahead

‘I take it as the crow arguing with the wolf sitting in the tree, the reality is that if the crow was near the wolf she was silent.

“Tyson Fury loves to talk. All that blah blah blah.

Fury in his Twitter video on Friday told Usyk to “come out and fight” in December.

However, Usyk appeared to rule out the prospect of a unification fight in 2022.

Usyk is confident the fight will continue, however, stating that Fury “wants to fight him”, “wants people to talk about him” and “wants to make money”.

After retaining his titles with a split decision win over Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia last month, Usyk said facing Fury was the “only” fight he was interested in.

The WBC Fury champion had confirmed his retirement from boxing just 10 days earlier, having last fought and beaten Dillian Whyte in April.

Usyk retained his WBA, WBO and IBF titles with a split decision win over Anthony Joshua

Usyk retained his WBA, WBO and IBF titles with a split decision win over Anthony Joshua

However, the Gypsy King seemed drawn to the prospect of an uncontested showdown if he was paid enough and said “get out your fucking checkbook and I’ll relieve the Ukrainian backstop of the belts.”

In Friday’s video, he said, “Usyk, middleweight, you say you want the WBC and it’s owned by gypsies,” Fury said in a video he shared on social media.

“He’s held by gypsies, he’s held by the Gypsy King and he’s held tight, tight and all roads lead to a seven-foot monster that will absolutely destroy you, middleweight.

“Middleweight, you will be shattered. You said you wanted to fight me after you beat the bodybuilder [Joshua], called me on TV and now you’re a little b****p**** boy running around, hiding, saying you got injuries. You have no injuries, you had a sparring contest.

“Come out and fight in December, you let your mouth go, now back it up.” Let’s see if you can save it, middleweight. It doesn’t matter if it’s December, April or August next year, the result will be the same; I will erase you.

“I’m a seven-foot, 20-stone juggernaut and I’m going to destroy you, middleweight.” Find your balls and come see me, b****.’

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