This sleek and minimalist electric toothbrush is on sale now for $ 65 off



Choosing a toothbrush can be tricky: there are so many options touting their own perks, but they all look the same – and this look is bulky and generic. While brushing your teeth is certainly one of the most common routine of life tasks we do every day, that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore using ugly equipment. You can treat yourself to something better, with design sensitivity that still delivers quality teeth and gum cleaning. An electric toothbrush has also been shown to reduce plaque and gingivitis.

The PomaBrush electric toothbrush is one such tool that can enhance your mouth care experience, and it’s on sale now for just $ 104 when you use the promo code POMABRUSH at the register. That’s a big discount off the regular price of $ 169. Boost your oral hygiene and banish bathroom horrors at the same time.

The PomaBrush is an innovative electric toothbrush that will help you enjoy your teeth brushing experience. It has a soft silicone brush head and its electric function delivers 15,000 powerful and gentle vibrations per minute. The brush’s soft carbon-infused PBT nylon bristles help remove surface stains, and the vibration feature helps give a truly effective cleaning. With a single charge, the PomaBrush holds a month’s charge, which can be extended to three months using the included compact case. The PomaBrush also features a sleek, beautiful and minimalist design unlike other toothbrushes, so it can enhance the look of your bathroom, and it comes in a convenient travel size that is easy to take with you. It also has a high nine out of 10 star rating on Tech Advisor, so you know you’re getting quality.

The PomaBrush electric toothbrush is on sale for $ 104 when you enter the promo code POMABRUSH at checkout, saving you $ 65 off the original price of $ 169.

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