The issuance of promotional coupons resumes on November 1: Le DONG-A ILBO



With the expected transition of the COVID-19 prevention and response program to a gradual return to pre-pandemic normality, the South Korean government will re-implement the issuance of shopping coupons, which offer discount offers in nine areas, including restaurants, hotel reservations, concerts, etc., starting November 1. Coupon issuance, which was temporarily suspended last year due to the spread of COVID-19, will be resumed to boost sales in the fourth quarter. The remaining vouchers worth 228.2 billion won will be issued by the end of this year.

At the economy emergency response meeting held at the Seoul government complex on Tuesday, the Minister of Economy and Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki announced that the Discount coupon program would be fully reinstated from next Monday, with the start of a gradual shift to “living with COVID-19”.

Coupons can be used in nine different areas: restaurants, hotel reservation, travel, sports, films, exhibitions, performances, sporting events and agro-fishery products. Unlike the previous scheme, where coupons could only be used online for restaurants, entertainment and agro-fishery products with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, these coupons can be used in offline stores. Since last year, the government has issued 552.8 billion won vouchers through supplementary budgets, but due to a restriction on where they can be used, the processing rate of coupons remained at a meager 59%.

Restaurant coupons provide a discount of 10,000 won on the fourth purchase when a coupon user makes three purchases, each for more than 20,000 won. Sports coupons provide a discount of 30,000 won when a coupon user makes a monthly payment of more than 80,000 won at indoor sports facilities, such as a fitness center.

Entertainment coupons offer a discount of 8,000 won per person when a coupon user books a ticket on Ticket Link, etc. Movie coupons offer a discount of 6,000 per person if a coupon user books a ticket on multiplex movie theater websites. Hotel reservation coupons offer a discount of 30,000 won if a coupon user books hotels at 50 online travel agencies, including Interpark, since the purchase price exceeds 70,000 won, and offers a discount 20,000 won if the purchase price is less than 70,000 won. Sports event coupons offer a discount of up to 50% (up to 7,000 won) of gate money. Museum visitors can receive a discount of 3,000 won, and visitors to an art museum can receive a discount of 5,000 won.

Travel coupons offer a 40% discount if a coupon user prepays an early booking promotional package for domestic travel. The discount rate went from 30% to 40%, considering the travel industry which has taken a hard hit. Travel coupons, however, are available from mid-November as preparation is required for implementation. The government will post a notification on the website of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and provide detailed information on how to use the coupons to credit card companies and ticket booking agencies. The voucher program will end when the allocated budgets are exhausted.

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