The Apple Back to School 2022 promo is here, but there are better deals

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Apple has officially launched its Back To School 2022 gift card promotion for college students looking to purchase new Macs and iPads. There are better deals – and you don’t have to be a student or faculty member to qualify.

While many Mac and iPad models are offered at a lower effective price, students may want faster delivery, or simply a lower cost at checkout for specific configurations.

Our Apple Price Guide offers better deals than Apple offers, on a wider range of hardware.


MacBook Air with M1 chip

The entry-level MacBook Air is perfect for studying on the go with its slim and compact body, long battery life and lightweight design.

However, in order to receive the $150 store credit, Apple Shipping will take up to two weeks for the order to ship.

If you want to forgo the gift card for faster shipping, B&H has the Space Gray and Silver models in stock and ready to ship.

Adorama has the Gold model ready to ship when our readers use this economical activation link and promo code APINSIDER at checkout to also reduce the price to $899.

MacBook Pro with M2 chip

A balance of performance and price, the M2-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro offers longer battery life, active cooling, and the Touch Bar, all in a sleek design.

While Apple is offering $50 off AppleCare for this model, Adorama is offering $149 off AppleCare for the 2022 MacBook Pro when purchased through this activation link and entering the coupon code APINSIDER at the register. Learn more about the offer.

14-inch MacBook Pro

It combines an incredible selection of ports with an incredible camera and sound system for the ultimate business laptop experience.

Apple will also include a gift card with your purchase.

However, while Apple will take five to seven weeks to ship your order, Adorama can ship within five days. You can use the code APINSIDER with this economic activation link to take advantage of the offer on its order page.

This is the same case for the top-tier stock configuration of the 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD of the 14-inch model. Apple and several resellers currently offer this configuration for $2,299, in Space Gray and Silver color options.

While Apple offers a gift card, it also takes up to seven weeks to ship. Apple retailers have the machines in stock, which means they can get to your door much faster.

Our 14-inch MacBook Pro price guide offers more choices for similar discounted prices on special configurations, some with much faster shipping times compared to Apple.

16-inch MacBook Pro

The largest MacBook in Apple’s lineup offers an even larger Liquid Retina XDR display, even better speakers and sound, with improved cooling and performance for the ultimate mobile workstation.

The M1 Pro chip in the 16-inch MacBook Pro is limited to the only 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU variant.

Adorama has the best deals for both color options with code APINSIDER at checkout: The Space Gray model is $4 less than Apple’s $2,295 offer with this activation link and promo code APINSIDER, while the Silver model is identically priced from Apple at $2,299 with the link on the left and the coupon code APINSIDER. AppleCare also gets an $80 discount with code when added to a 16-inch system at time of purchase.

Both models are in stock at the time of writing, and the same trade-off between gift card and faster shipping applies.

Other models, such as the highest-end stock configuration of the 10-core CPU, 32-core M1 Max GPU with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD are available at prices similar to Apple’s, but there are likely to ship faster than Apple’s. estimate up to seven weeks.


The M1 chip now comes in a new all-in-one design with seven color options, an ultra-thin bezel, and advanced connectivity that blends in well with any dorm aesthetic.

The entry-level 7-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD model is available $50 cheaper at $1,199 for the blue model and $30 cheaper for the green, pink, and silver models from Adorama. These four cheaper prices can be unlocked with a code APINSIDER and this pricing link at checkout.

Adorama also offers a $30 discount when AppleCare coverage is added.

Apple lists all four models as shipping within a week to two weeks.

However, the green model is out of stock and silver is temporarily unavailable from Adorama at the time of writing. Students are advised to weigh wait times and no gift card against savings at checkout.

Our 24-inch iMac price guide is constantly updated with the latest pricing and availability information from our various partners, so check the page if you’re looking for a different model.

mac mini

The M1 chip is packaged in another desktop design with active cooling that allows the user to choose their preferred keyboard, mouse, and display configuration.

Although Apple doesn’t offer a Mac mini gift card, shoppers can find a fantastic deal on Amazon, and you don’t have to be a student to take advantage of it.


Apple is offering a $100 Apple Gift Card for iPad Pro and iPad Air, in addition to the regular educational discounts provided for the tablet line.

iPad Pro

Featuring the same M1 chip found in the Mac, iPad Pro combines 120Hz ProMotion technology with incredible displays, quad speakers and a whole world of compatible accessories.

The entry-level 12.9-inch with 128GB of silver storage is available for the same $999 on Amazon. While Apple ordered the tablet for two to three weeks, Amazon can ship within a week.

Apple offers the gift card, which Amazon does not.

ipad air

Available in five colors, the iPad Air brings the power of the M1 into a more dynamic package that balances both price and incredible capabilities.

Compared to the $699 price offered by Apple, Amazon is offering the 256GB Space Gray model for just $679.

Amazon will ship the iPad Air faster, without the gift card.

ipad mini

The smaller next-gen iPad comes in four different colors and adopts an all-screen design with a larger active area, and brings Apple Pencil support for the first time. It’s not eligible for Apple’s free back-to-school gift card offer, but it’s eligible for cash back at Apple retailers.

The pink 64GB model is $19.01 cheaper at Adorama when you redeem the code APINSIDER and this activation link at checkout.

Other models are available from select retailers for the same price as Apple’s offer, but will ship faster. Check out our iPad mini price guide to see the options.

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