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SAMBALPUR: Students in colleges affiliated with Sambalpur University (SU) will no longer have to run from pillar to post to get their migration certificates. The university launched the online migration certificate service on Wednesday to reduce the hassle faced by students when applying for transfer from colleges.
Vice Chancellor Sanjib Mittal said students from affiliated colleges will not have to come to the university for their migration certificates. They can now apply online and get the certificates from home.

To apply for an online migration certificate, one should visit the website and click on the “Apply for migration” menu on the home page, after which it will be redirected to the ORTPSA migration section . The student will have to register by providing his cell phone number and his e-mail address on the page. After registration, the student will receive a username and password in their mail with which they can request their online migration certificate. The student will also have the option of physically picking up the certificate from the university or receiving it by post.

As a result, SU became the second state educational institution after OUAT, Bhubaneswar, to launch the online service as part of the Center for Modernizing Government Initiative (CGMI). The service was started under the Odisha Right to Public Services Act.

The registrar of Nruparaj Sahu University said: “Currently, we are focusing on digitizing many such procedures. Students will soon benefit from more online services. No less than 222 colleges in 10 districts of western Odisha are affiliated with the League. About 25,000 students graduate from colleges each year.


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