Royal Mail warning: Busiest Christmas day announcement – get ahead of the rush

Post figures today revealed the most important day of publication for Britons as the big day approaches. It is believed that December 20 will be the busiest day for its branches due to party shoppers sending in last-minute gifts and cards.

“Don’t wait until you’re at a busy branch to pack items, it’s much better to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Laura explained that if you are posting overseas, you should note the last posting dates and use the online customs forms, which can be completed in advance.

Laura added, “Think about what you post. If you are unsure, check the restricted items list to avoid disappointment.

“A lot of people don’t realize that you can’t post gifts that contain alcohol, nail polish, aftershave, or perfume overseas, so it’s a good idea to check out advance. “

“At our 11,500 post offices across the UK, our Postmasters help their local communities do just that, making sure Christmas is special wherever you are. “

Royal Mail also shared its latest publication dates for the UK.

Those sending second class must mail their cards and packages by December 18, while the final mailing date for those sending first class is December 21.

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed has a latest publication date of December 23.

Brits should also keep an eye out for scams as Christmas approaches, as it is the most common time to get caught.

This is because people expect many different deliveries.

Common Royal Mail scams include fake delivery text messages as well as postage text.

Scams can be identified by looking for spelling and punctuation errors as well as finding out who sent the email or text message.

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