Royal Mail: Brits continued to be disappointed with Royal Mail delays – postcodes affected

Royal Mail is still extremely busy, but has been going through particularly difficult times lately. They announced 74 postal codes which are currently the most affected and experiencing delays.

On Monday January 10, Royal Mail announced that its air, rail, road and postal centers were all “running for the weekend”.

As for those awaiting letters and parcels in the next few days, the Royal Mail website explained: “Deliveries are working normally in most countries today. We aim to deliver to all addresses for which we have mail, six days a week.

“In a small number of local offices, this may temporarily not be possible due to local issues such as Covid-related self-isolation, high levels of sickness absence, resources or other local factors. “

To combat this issue, Royal Mail has pledged to ‘rotate deliveries to minimize delays for individual customers’ and to provide’ targeted support to these offices to meet their challenges and restore our service to the high standard that our customers would normally receive ”.

Royal Mail added: ‘We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. We will regularly notify customers of the most affected offices here:

Altens DO (AB10 to AB12 and AB35)

Amesbury (SP3 and SP4)

Banff DO (AB44 and AB45

Barnsley DO (S70, S71, S72 and S75)

AO Bearsden (G61)

Bicester DO (OX25 to OX27)

Bishopbriggs DO (G64)

Bredbury DO (SK6)

Don DO Bridge (AB22 and AB23)

Bredbury DO (SK6)

Buckingham DO (MK18)

Burgess Hill DO (BN6 and RH15)

Caldicot DO (NP26)

Camberwell (SE5)

Cardiff West DO (CF5)

Chelmsford DO (CM1 to CM3)

Cricklewood DO (NW2)

East Dulwich DO (SE22)

Erskine DO (PA7 and PA8)

Finchley Church End DO (N3)

Finsbury Park DO (N4)

Glasgow G32 DO

Glasgow G41, G42 and G45 DO

Glasgow G43 and G46 DO

Golders Green DO

Gosport DO (PO12 and PO13)

Hanwell (W7)

Harlow DO (CM17 to CM20 and CM92)

Harold Hill DO (RM3)

Heaton DO (NE6 and NE7)

Herne Hill DO (SE24)

Holloway DO (N7)

Hornsey DO (N8)

Hove DO (BN3 and BN52)

Invergordon DO (IV17 and IV18)

Islington DO (N1 and N1C)

Keynsham DO (BS31)

Stitch (BN15)

Lark Lane DO (L17)

Maida Hill DO (W9)

DO Manchester South West (M15, M16 and M32)

Mill Hill DO (NW7)

Monmouth DO (NP25)

Motherwell DO (ML1)

AO Muswell Hill (N10)

New DO Ferry (CH32, CH62 and CH63)

Newport East DO (NP18 and NP19)

Newton Mearns DO (G77)

Oxidized OD (RH8)

Perth DO (PH1. PH2 and PH14)

Rayleigh DO (ES6)

Redcar DO (TS10 and TS11)

Rotherhithe DO (SE16)

Rottingdean DO (BN2 and BN51)

Sheffield North East DO (S5)

Shepshed DO (LE12)

Skelmersdale DO (WN8)

South Croydon DO (CR2)

Speke DO (L24)

St. Helens DO (WA9 to WA11)

Swindon West DO (SN5)

Sydenham DO (SE26)

Thame DO (OX9 and OX39)

The Hyde DO (NW9)

Uddingston DO (G71)

Upminster DO (RM14)

Upper Holloway DO (N19)

Upton DO (CH30 and CH39)

Wallasey DO (CH27, CH44 and CH45)

Wantage DO (OX12)

Articles DO (SG9 to SG12)

West Norwood DO (SE27)

Willesden DO (NW10 and NW26)

Wootton Bassett DO (SN4 and SN16)

@ joddzie90 said: “How good are the sorting offices in Scotland as I am still waiting for a parcel which was sent on December 29th from the Glasgow area to Moray? Please don’t use the ‘apologies for the zip code because I’ve heard it too many times !! “

@caseysplaice said: “RETURN ?? they haven’t even arrived !!!! nine packages now I’m waiting for WEEKS. Either you lost them ALL (incompetence) or you’re lying about the seriousness of your zone deliveries ( incompetence). We get a letter every 10 days. There is a shortfall of £ 65 in goods. “

@ SeaGypsy15 said: “Thank you for sending a package that I have addressed to AUSTRIA to AUSTRALIA instead. Your staff should come to Specsavers. Please review my message, redirect my package to the correct country and reply as soon as possible please. “

Others were more forgiving.

@ london_849 said: “Hello. The comments are a bit harsh. There have been a lot of holidays over Christmas and New Years. Guess there is a backlog. I would like my post though.”

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