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Welcome to our “World of Warcraft: What is Damage Over Time?” guide. World of Warcraft seems like a game full of unique terms, acronyms, and phrases, and one of the most confusing is “dot.” Here’s a look at what it all entails.

If you’ve ever been to the Plains of Azeroth, you know there’s a lot to learn. The sheer number of different skills available in World of Warcraft can be quite confusing. ‘Dot’ is one of many terms you will need to master. That said, let me explain what the dot means in World of Warcraft, so you can boost your DPS and tear your opponents apart.

What is damage over time or point in World of Warcraft?

Dot refers to “damage over time”, so it is also known as DoT. This relates to skills that deal damage to an enemy at frequent intervals over a short period of time. A ‘tick’ is the term for a burst of damage. In most cases, each tick does the same amount of damage, but in rare cases, the damage level of each tick increases. As a result, your last tick can deal twice as much damage as the first.

You can also speed up ticks by creating Haste, which deals higher damage. If you have enough, it allows you to pack more ticks into the ability’s period. Crowd control or “CC” skills, as well as activities such as healing, fishing, and crafting, are all disrupted by point abilities. However, they can usually be dispelled or healed with items, so do this before reaching for the post-combat first aid bag.

So, that was our “World of Warcraft: What is the damage over time (point)?” guide. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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