Promo Code VS Discount Coupon: Everything you need to know:


If you have an ecommerce you want to know what a promo code is and not just because it helps grab the attention of new and returning customers.

In reality, promo code work to find out which sales channels are the most effective in saving money and the behavior of your customers. In fact, they will provide you with information to make retargeting strategies.

That is why we consider it important that you know very clearly what a promotional code is and that you know a list of tools to generate and distribute them.

What is a promotional code versus a discount coupon?

Promotional codes are associated with discounts or benefits. For example, they offer free shipping, 2 × 1, upgrades, etc. They can have several formats: they can consist of a word, letters, numbers, letters and numbers, a barcode or a QR code.

Generating them is easy but you will need your payment gateway to allow you to apply them so the customer can redeem them. And most importantly, you have to find the best way to distribute them.

What is a discount coupon?

As we just mentioned, it is not only important to know what a promo code is but also to distribute it. For this, discount coupons serve you.

These are images in which the benefit obtained with the promotional code is explained, how it is used and the promotional code itself is informed.

In other words, discount codes and coupons are complementary strategies. Why use a promo code? Beyond encouraging purchases, building customer loyalty and attracting new customers, promotional codes will give you very valuable information.

You can grant a mass code, for example, the Screenshot Monitor tool offered a 2-week free trial for those who used the COVID-19 promo code. Doing something like this will let you know which promotional channel each customer is coming from.

This is useful for measuring which ones have the highest ROI. Another strategy is to give customers certain unique codes that can only be used once. That way, you can measure that customer’s journey through your sales funnel and then develop retargeting strategies.

Types of discount campaigns:

There are several types of campaigns around what a promotional code is. Each has its specific objectives and its way of being applied. The easiest way is to design a general promotion discount codes and spread it with a discount coupon on your social networks or website.

This campaign will allow you to measure which actions have the most return on investment. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the same code on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website. Either way, you need to be careful with these types of campaigns.

If you don’t create an emergency, the benefit of promo codes could lose value for your audience. What we mean is if you do it on a really massive scale and indefinitely, they would stop seeing it as a one-time-only opportunity to be taken advantage of right now.

A slightly more refined and useful strategy is one that you would do through a form. This way you would only give a promo code to those who share their data with you. This is a very effective way to nurture your list of qualified prospects because they will be people who are interested in your product.

Another strategy is to provide a promotional code through a social media contest. In this action, you can insert a form to get qualified leads. You can also try the following actions: Give a promotional code after payment to encourage a second purchase.

  • Send promotional codes by email on the customer’s birthday. It’s excellent for building loyalty.
  • Give codes to those who suggest your product or service to a friend.
  • Offer it to those who leave a review for your product or service.

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