Ninacloak has announced the launch date for its next collection of blouses and tops


HONG KONG – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Ninacloak, one of the fashion destinations of choice for women who want to dress differently, recently announced the arrival of their new collection of short-sleeved blouses. The move came at a time when most other sites were hesitant to unveil new collections, keeping the ongoing global pandemic in mind. However, the company has taken a step forward and encouraged its customers to keep buying, as more surprises are on the way.

Fashion clothes at Ninacloak have always been different from others. In fact, most customers have often expressed in their comments about how Ninacloak, as a brand, has kept improving just because it devotes a considerable amount of time to being unique. “Our research has been to respond to women shoppers who don’t believe in the same old, drab, drab clothes. Dressing well is an integral part of who you are and says a lot about how you want to be presentable in front of the world. Therefore, our shift dresses are aimed at modern women who like to balance an elegant look with the latest market developments, ”said one of the company’s R&D team members.

Ninacloak has also cut prices on most of its other products, keeping the monsoon sale in mind. However, the managers have strictly stated in the rules and regulations section that no offers can be associated. “For someone who wants to purchase the new women’s summer tops that we will be releasing, they cannot combine with any other offer or coupon code at checkout. Since the products are different, of course they cannot be priced in the same category, ”added the member.

Ahead of the launch of his new collection of dresses, the CEO of the company said, “What is particularly appealing about these dresses is that many are loose, large in size and made of various materials. So there is lace, cotton blends, silks and even rayon and muslin. Plus, the sleeves of each of these dresses are exclusive which will be another powerful reason women would love them. Now that they have a decent price, customers should buy little and store it in their closet.

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