Mumbai Local Train Update: Indian Railways will be running a giant block on this section today. Details here

The Indian Railways Western Railways Zone will carry out track, signal and overhead equipment maintenance. In a statement, Western Railway said a five-hour Jumbo block will be operated on the Up and Down Slow lines between Santacruz and Goregaon stations from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until

According to a press release issued by a Western Railway official, during the block period, all commuter trains on the slow down line will operate on the fast down line and all commuter trains on the slow line down. The Up will be operated on the Fast Up line between Santacruz and Goregaon stations. .

All slow commuter services will be double-stopped at Vile Parle station and will not stop at Ram Mandir station in either direction due to platform unavailability on fast lines. Some commuter trains will remain canceled during the block.

Meanwhile, the Central Railways area said in a statement that “the railways have provided an Alarm Chain Extraction (ACP) option on commuter and mail/express trains for use only in case of emergency. Lately, we see that passengers are using ACP for frivolous reasons like arriving late, getting off/boarding at intermediate stations, etc.

The act of ACP in the train not only affects the operation of that particular train, but also has a cascading effect on the trains that follow. In a suburban system like the Mumbai division, this results in mail/express and commuter train traffic delays which hamper its punctuality. Additionally, the misuse of ACP for the comfort of one or a few passengers ends up causing inconvenience to all other passengers.

Central Railway Mumbai Division closely monitors these unreasonable ACP incidents. In the year April to July 2022, Central Railway Mumbai division recorded 1,230 cases of unreasonable ACP cases. Of these, around 1,143 passengers were prosecuted with a fine of Rs. 7.59 million.

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