Jerry Jones Admits He Had a Fiery Argument With Robert Kraft After Told Him ‘Don’t Fuck Me’

‘I’ve expressed myself in a way that’s not in good taste’: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks out after telling Patriots owner Robert Kraft ‘don’t fuck me’ during a fiery meeting of NFL owners in New York

  • Jerry Jones confirmed he engaged in a tense dialogue with Robert Kraft this week
  • Jones reportedly took umbrage at Kraft after Jones voted against allowing Owners Compensation Committee to open talks for new deal with Roger Goodell
  • Jones was the only ‘no’ from the NFL owners when they met in New York on Tuesday.
  • Cowboys general manager disagreed on how commissioner’s deal should be constructed
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has shed light on his heated exchanges with his New England contemporary Robert Kraft.

News broke earlier this week that Jones told Kraft “don’t fuck me” at Tuesday’s owners meeting in New York.

The Cowboys general manager was the only one to vote ‘no’ to allow the owners’ compensation committee to open talks on a new contract with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Often one of the most important figures in the NFL, Jerry Jones found himself in the news this week

According to sources at ESPNJones eventually told Kraft “Don’t fuck with me” during the procedure.

Kraft replied, “Excuse me?”, to which Jones repeated, “Don’t mess with me.” Following this exchange, the measure passed. has reached out to the NFL, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys for comment.

During Jones’ regular spot on Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan, he addressed the situation, all but confirming an explosive exchange with the well-known Patriots owner.

Jones expressed his disapproval of how the NFL commissioner's new contract could be constructed

Jones expressed his disapproval of how the NFL commissioner’s new contract could be constructed

“You express yourself with people you know and people you are often with…in different ways,” Jones began on Friday.

“It’s probably correct that I expressed myself in a way that is probably not in good taste.”

Jones is never out of the spotlight, sometimes on his own initiative, but this latest leak was out of his control – although he admits he wasn’t surprised.

“I just got used to the fact that when you say something, it’s very likely to be recorded or heard and repeated,” Jones remarked.

Robert Kraft was the target of a strong verbal rebuke from his Cowboys counterpart

Robert Kraft was the target of a strong verbal rebuke from his Cowboys counterpart

“In a meeting that you would think would really have a lot of exclusivity or real protection so that you could really express your feelings – it’s no surprise to me that this would come out.”

Jones has previously opposed new contracts for the NFL commissioner, with his grievances largely stemming from Goodell’s compensation.

Goodell would now be paid primarily through performance-based bonuses which are awarded after consultation with a committee. Previously, its compensation structure was predominantly salaried.

Jones Cowboys set to make NFC run as Dak Prescott returns from injury

Jones Cowboys set to make NFC run as Dak Prescott returns from injury

Sources say Jones is wary of how bonuses will be structured in Goodell’s new contract and wants it to focus on more binary financial goals and metrics.

Jones himself reiterated this on Friday, but revealed he was in favor of extending Goodell as commissioner.

“What you heard from me was a problem with the structure – with how we were going to address the commissioner and his success,” he said.

“I mainly expressed myself in this area. Not my support for Roger – in fact I stood up and made a nomination for his potential extension.


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