Jefferson City nonprofit asks for donations for Haiti orphanage



A Jefferson City-based nonprofit hopes to rebuild an orphanage in Haiti heavily damaged by earthquakes.

Richard and Iva Presberry, of Hope for Caribbean Kids Inc., have launched a fundraising campaign to replace the orphanage in Marre Blanche.

The missionaries have made annual mission trips to Haiti and are currently working in the community of Marre Blanche, where they have built a six-room school and a multi-purpose facility. The facility also serves as a temporary medical facility.

The nonprofit was involved in the orphanage God’s Work For the Poor Children of Haiti in 2019, at the height of political unrest, shootings and kidnappings.

Jean Desrosiers of Hope for Caribbean Kids visited the orphanage and found it in dire straits. The building was collapsing after suffering two earthquakes – in 2010 and 2021. Children at the orphanage “ate something that did not look like food to humans,” according to a press release from Hope for Caribbean Kids.

“Children are at risk in their current establishment,” the statement said. Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc., asks others to join them in praying that the building will hold until it can be demolished and rebuilt. They also invite everyone to be part of the solution. with financial donations of any amount. “

The proposed cost to replace the orphanage is $ 83,000. About $ 40,000 has already been raised. To donate, make checks payable to Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. and mail to 101 Riverwood Drive, Jefferson City, MO, 65109 or visit


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