India’s Modair Express to harness growth in express freight

Delhi-based aviation company ModAir has announced the launch of India’s first technology-based air logistics company, Modair Express, offering same-day express cargo delivery using small planes to offer daily scheduled flights connecting Tier I, II and III cities in India to key hubs.

A statement from the company said Modair Express planned to add aircraft quickly to increase its share of India’s air cargo market. No mention was made of the aircraft types in the fleet, other than that ModAir operates an “extensive fleet of helicopters and private jets”. The company’s website featured various Cessna (twin-piston) and Tecnam P2006T aircraft.

The company said it aims to tap into the growing demand for express delivery of imported medical products and equipment and provide connectivity to export hubs and sub-hubs. It proposed to revolutionize the way air cargo business was conducted in India and aimed to grow globally over time.

Modair Chairman Atul Jain predicts that India’s air cargo sector is poised for significant growth. “With plans to become an air cargo giant in the country, we aim to connect all remote locations with Modair Express. The country’s air cargo business is poised to take off with the growing need to transport imported goods and medical equipment from one region to another as quickly as possible. In particular, the growth of [the] The “purchase with added value” segment is quite encouraging for the air cargo segment. However, the segment faces a huge shortage of reliable service providers.”

According to Delhi Registrar of Companies, Modair Express Private Limited was incorporated on December 14, 2021, with an authorized share capital of INR 50,000,000 (USD 664,732) and paid up capital of INR 100,000 (USD 1,329). Its administrators are listed as Neeraj Jain, Anand Kumar Jain and Atul Jain.

According to the company’s website, ModAir Aviation is part of Modish Tradex Pvt. ltd. And has been in the business for over 30 years. Its services include charter flights, air ambulance service, helicopter charter flights, sightseeing flights, pilgrimage transportation, aircraft rental and pilot training, among others.

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