Indian Railways takes over MST for 56 trains in the Northern Railway region


Indian Railways have launched several special trains connecting major cities in the country. However, to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the railways have made it mandatory for passengers to book their tickets in advance and follow appropriate Covid-19 behavior.

With the unlocking and easing of Covid-19 curfews in several states, great relief comes for daily commuters on Northern Railway trains. The Indian Railway allowed passengers to travel on Monthly Seasonal Tickets (MST).

Indian Railways had shut down their MST service due to the pandemic and are now ready to resume it for their Northern Railways division commuters. The MST will benefit the thousands of thousands of passengers who commute daily using passenger trains.

A senior Northern Railway officer told media that MST services will resume on September 3 for specific trains operating in the area. “Daily commuters can use their monthly seasonal tickets to travel only on 56 licensed trains. The price of MST is the same as before, ”said Deepak Kumar, spokesperson for Northern Railway.

According to a circular issued by the Northern Railway, rail passengers will only be able to use their pass on identified trains or will be penalized according to Indian Railways standards.

The circular further states that the trains identified for use of the MST are postal and express trains without reservation, in particular EMU, DEMU, MEMU trains, express trains and passenger trains.

According to the circular, 33 trains from Delhi division, 10 from Ferozepur division, five from Lucknow, six from Moradabad and four from Ambala division will be identified as Mail and Express and EMU, DEMU, MEMU, Mail Express, Passengers will be able to travel only by train.

The Northern Railroad circular also warns people against using their STDs to travel on long-distance trains. According to a Northern Railways agent, rail passengers can only use the MST on fixed trains for fixed destinations. “The MST will be considered invalid if passengers use it to travel on trains other than those identified and pass through the marked destination,” the officer said.

The officer added that a person with an STD can carry luggage up to 10 kilograms with them.

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