Got a new iPhone? Treat yourself to these MagSafe accessories while they’re on sale



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Besides the major camera and battery upgrades, probably the coolest new feature in the iPhone 12 and 13 is MagSafe technology. There is a small magnetic coil on the back of each phone that works with quick-attach magnetic charging accessories to make your life easier.

If you’ve just dropped some cash on a brand new phone, you probably won’t want to waste a lot more on charging accessories. Lucky for you, at this VIP sale, you don’t have to. For a limited time, you can use the code VIP15 at checkout and lower the price of all those MagSafe accessories for new iPhones.

Fairly simple, this set comes with a MagSafe charging cable as well as a fast charging wall adapter, so you can charge less hassle. Hang it up for just $ 28.04 (usually $ 39) using the code VIP15 at the register.

Credit: Tech Zebra

Like any technology, your MagSafe charger can collect scratches and dirt. This silicone cover can keep her in good condition no matter what you throw at her. Usually $ 24, you can use promo code VIP15 at checkout and get it for just $ 10.19.

magsafe charger with silicone charger

Credit: Tech Zebra

This charging station works in duplicate to charge up to two devices at the same time. The MagSafe holder can power your phone horizontally or vertically, while the wireless charger charges any Qi-enabled gadget placed on it. Typically $ 89 you can get it for just $ 63.71 with the promo code VIP15.

wireless magnetic docking station surrounded by cable and suitable power supply

Credit: Adam Elements

This simple accessory turns your existing MagSafe charger into a MagSafe charging stand. This way you can FaceTime a friend, watch videos, read recipes, play games, and more while your phone is charging. Use the code VIP15 at checkout to reduce the cost from $ 24 to just $ 16.99.

a magsafe silicone stand holder

Credit: Fesco Group

If you have multiple Apple gadgets, you can seriously reduce clutter by replacing your charger tangle with this combo charging station. It comes with three wireless charging points, as well as a USB port, so you can power your entire arsenal of gadgets at once. Using the code VIP15 at checkout you can get it for just $ 46.71 (usually $ 79).

magsafe wireless holder holding iphone and apple watch

Credit: WonderCube

Sleek and powerful, the NYTSTND DUO features overlapping coils, allowing it to wirelessly power up to two Qi-enabled devices at once – and fast. It can even provide faster wireless charging for iPhone 12s and 13s, thanks to built-in MagSafe technology. Use the code VIP15 at checkout and drop the price from $ 129 to just $ 106.24.

an iphone and android smartphone on the nytstnd duo charging station

Credit: NytStnd

As the name suggests, the NYTSTND TRIO offers more floor space, so you can fit three devices instead of two. It has a five-coil full-surface charging area that can accommodate two devices, while the magnetic charger is exclusively for the Apple Watch. Hang it on sale for only $ 144.49 (usually $ 179) when you use the promo code VIP15.

an apple watch, an airpods case and an iphoen are sitting on the magsafe wireless charging station

Credit: NytStnd

If the TRIO is still not big enough for all your devices, go for the NYTSTND QUAD TRAY. It features a five-coil total area that can accommodate two Qi devices, a magnetic charger for your Apple Watch, a built-in USB-C port for a fourth device, and a tray to hold any other essentials. Upgrade your reload game and aesthetic for just $ 185.29 (usually $ 234) with the code VIP15 at the register.

an ipad, an apple watch, an airpods case, an iphone, a wallet and keys are sitting on the nytstnd quad try the magsafe charging station

Credit: NytStnd

Power your iPhone on the go with this wireless power bank that magnetically attaches to an iPhone 12 or 13 (or with a phone case attachment to an older iPhone or Samsung). It packs a 5,000mAh battery that can take your device from zero to 75% when not in use. Use the code VIP15 at checkout and get it for just $ 33.99 (usually $ 49).

the XIDA magnetic wireless power bank on the back of an iphone

Credit: MagSafe

Disguise your MagSafe charger by sliding it into this stylish wooden docking station. It’s made from solid wood and enhances your desk more than your typical clunky tech. Get it for just $ 12.74 (usually $ 19) with the code VIP15.

the solid wood mini dock sits around a magsafe charger

Credit: Rolling Square

If you want to embrace the MagSafe revolution, you probably want a charger that will live as long as your device. The Piston Connect is a great option, as it is made of high quality aluminum and features a durable 1.5m braided cable with slim anti-stress connectors. Get it for just $ 25.49 (usually $ 29.99) with the code VIP15.

the magsafe wired piston charger is on the back of an iphone

Credit: Logiix

Simultaneously charge your iPhone and AirPods with this lightweight two-in-one dock made from durable aluminum and polyurethane. It has a Qi charging base and MagSafe pad that you can adjust up to 15 degrees for optimal viewing while charging. Get it for just $ 67.96 (usually $ 79.95) with the code VIP15.

the product photo of the logixx stance 2 in 1 dock

Credit: Logiix

This sturdy aluminum stand features a precise cutout to slip in a MagSafe charger, making it the perfect desktop companion for your iPhone. With a 55-degree viewing angle, you’ll be able to make FaceTime calls, watch videos, and more while your phone charges. Use the code VIP15 at checkout and get it for $ 25.46 (usually $ 29.95).

the logiix stance mag charger stand contains a magsafe charger

Credit: Logiix

This stylish air vent mount attaches to your car’s vent to power a MagSafe device on the go. It also comes with a 3.9ft car charging cable. Get both for just $ 50.96 (usually $ 59.95) with promo code VIP15 For a limited time.

the mag logiix vent mount is on the back of an iphone

Credit: Logiix

Designed to fit in your pocket, the HyperGear 5000mAh Power Bank magnetically attaches to an iPhone 12 or 13 for charging via MagSafe technology. In addition, it is equipped with a 20W USB-C charging port and an 18W fast charging USB charging port for your other devices. Use the code VIP15 at checkout and get it for just $ 29.74 (usually $ 34.99).

the 5000mAh hyperger magnetic power bank on the back of an iphone

Credit: HyperGear


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