Google is testing a new way to redeem Play Store rewards points for things you’ll actually want

Redeem Play Points on real hardware from the Google Store

A new change to the Play Store’s Play Points rewards program has been spotted in the wild. It’s not live on any of my devices yet and might be rolling out or part of a smaller test, but Google is allowing some customers to redeem Play Points for real hardware on the Google Store , including Pixel phones and Nest devices.

If you’re unfamiliar with Play Points, it’s a rewards system that’s been part of the Play Store since 2019 in some markets. When you spend money on apps or other media, you earn points that can be used on things like credit for in-game purchases or even Play Store credit for more purchases. The rate at which you earn these points depends on your current “tier”, which is based on how much you spend. Google recently made it even easier to redeem points for in-app purchases.


The change was spotted by 9to5Google and actually offers a fairly high refund rate compared to other methods, offering double the return over Play Store credit at 50 points to the dollar rather than 100 points to the dollar – although this may vary depending on other details like your current status level. But there are some limitations.

Offers don’t stack, so if you use a $20 off coupon and a $10 off coupon, you can’t use them both for the same purchase. Redemptions also expire after 30 days, so you can’t sit on a pile of them like some sort of coupon dragon, cool as that sounds. The maximum redemption listed is $200 in points, so you probably can’t find a Pixel 6 completely free either, but many accessories, speakers, and screens could be discounted entirely.

Redeemed credits/coupons apply automatically at checkout (they’re presumably tied to your account), so you don’t have to do anything stupid like copying and pasting a code. But it can also mean that you can’t use it for someone else to use. Under current terms, Google Store trade-in offers will only be available until November 30.

So far, the new reimbursement method does not seem to have taken hold. It’s unclear if this is part of a limited test, a phased release, or if there are other unknown requirements that accounts must meet in order for these offers to be visible. The support docs for the Play Store do not yet mention this redemption method, although all other methods are included. We’ve reached out to Google for more information and will let you know if the company has anything to provide regarding these new buyout offers.

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