Get 35% off full-priced shoes and more during the Toms Friends and Family event

Toms is back with another contract for 35% off. This time it’s for an event with friends and family that crosses May 16. There is no promo code and the discount on all shoes, clothing and accessories on sale will be applied at checkout. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $74.

The shoes are the main attraction of this offer. Men, women and children will find a number of shoe styles at discounted prices, including wedges, alpargatas and espadrilles. One of the things I love about Toms is how the brand understands that everyone can have fun styles.

Women can get these cool alpargata dinosaur and t rex shoes that glow in the dark, both for $36 each. If men want a pair of dino shoes, they can also find these $36 Baja ballet flats with dino print which also glow in the dark. And children can join dino shoes with tiny or youth-sized alpargatas. Among the categories available, children have more attractive shoes with pet club style for $19 and unicorn shoes for $23.

If there’s a chance shoes aren’t your thing, you can get a pair of sunglasses. The cheapest pair on sale is $44, with multiple colors and styles to choose from. Other items you can grab are socks, hoodies, and shirts, all of which are unisex. Just make sure you know your size in Tom’s clothes, or if you’re used to wearing women’s clothes, take a size down just in case.

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