Extension of Public Comment Period for Proposed Dry Creek Trona Project

KEMMERER – The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comment on a proposed Trona mine that could be located in Sweetwater County. The BLM will hold a virtual public scoping meeting to discuss the proposed project on June 2, from 4-6 p.m. The BLM is also extending the NOI scoping period and will accept comments on the draft until June 17, 2022.

“It is important for us to provide the public with an overview of the project and then allow sufficient time to express their concerns and comments following the presentation of the project during the meeting. We are early in the analysis process and we encourage anyone interested in this project to provide information that would be useful for analysis,” said Aaron Mier, field manager at BLM Kemmerer.

The proposed Dry Creek Trona project would be located on approximately 6,000 acres south of the town of Green River, Wyoming. Mining could last up to 25 years. The proposed project includes the construction of mining facilities and would use solution mining technologies to mine leased trona on lands administered by BLM. Trona is a mineral used to make baking soda as well as soda ash, which is a component of lithium batteries and glass used for solar energy.

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Information regarding the virtual meeting can be found on the BLM e-Planning Website. You can register for the virtual public meeting by clicking here. Please submit your comments electronically via the ePlanning website or by mail to the Bureau of Land Management Kemmerer Field Office, Attn: Kelly Lamborn, 430 North Highway, Kemmerer, WY 83101.

Persons providing comments are advised that before including their address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other personally identifying information, they should be aware that the entire comment, including information personal identification, may be made public at any time. Although those who comment may request in their comments that their personally identifiable information be shielded from public scrutiny, the BLM cannot guarantee that they will be able to do so.

For more information, contact Kelly Lamborn at 307-828-4505 or [email protected]

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