Express mail passenger demands increase downtime to reduce chain pull incidents at Thane and Kalyan stations

Express courier passengers demanded an increase in train stopping time and also insisted on large signage and indicators of adequately sized coaches at stations to limit chain pulling incidents at Kalyan stations and Thane. Both stations have witnessed a significant number of cases of pulling chains in long-distance trains, which has a direct impact on the punctuality of local trains.

In 2021, a total of 1,361 chain pulling cases were recorded across the Central Railway Division out of those 437 cases recorded in Kalyan and 181 in Thane.

In 2020, out of a total of 628 cases of chain pulling recorded in the CR division of Mumbai, 313 cases recorded in Thane and Kalyan -108 in Thane and 205 in Kalyan.

Likewise, in 2019, out of a total of 1,022 chain pulling cases registered in Mumbai CR division, 555 cases were registered, 180 in Thane and 375 in Kalyan respectively.

Almost all express and super-fast trains only stop at Kalyan and Thane for three minutes, and passengers have to rush onto the trains which mostly have 24 cars to locate reserved cars.

This is why especially elderly people and those with children are suffering a lot nowadays.

According to the passengers, they do not want to pull the chain, but are obliged to do so. “My luggage was left behind because of the crowds, so I had to pull the chain,” said a 45-year-old passenger who was sued by the railways for pulling the chain.

Likewise, another passenger said: “Due to the number of stalls and the rush of local commuters (local trains are also run from the same platform in Kalyan), boarding long distance trains in three minutes is not an easy task, ”said another passenger who boarded in Pune. -Santragachi Express Monday from Kalyan platform number five.

“What passengers need at stations are real-time information, directions to emergency points, notice boards for transport services, maps showing local public transport, as well as ‘other useful information,’ said US Shukla, who boarded the LTT – Ayodhya Superfast Express from Kalyan. Monday.

“Coach indicators and Singages for postal express train passengers should be improved in Kalyan,” said Shukla, adding that the layout of the sinagaes is not adequate and the font size of the coach indicators is. too short.

“Signage at stations helps passengers spend their time more efficiently and encourages the growth of mobility. The different types of information displayed inside stations help passengers quickly access information points, platforms and trains to reach their destinations, as well as directions to connect with other means of transport. “said Mahesh Jha (45) who boarded the Pawan Express from Kalyan on Monday.

He added that most of the passengers book their tickets with CSMT and LTT but board from Kalyan, therefore, judging the number of long-distance passengers based on the tickets does not indicate the exact number of passengers. The railway is expected to increase train downtime in Kalyan.

“Since most passengers check the indicators from the gangways before heading to the platform, the railway must therefore install visible indicators with adequate font size and signage at the foot of the bridges to”, said Subhash Gupta, Chairman of Rail Yatri. Parishad, adding that Kalyan’s coach’s current indicators are too small and difficult to read from a distance.

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Posted on: Tuesday January 04, 2022, 7:00 a.m. IST

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