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Marvel Future Revolution promo codes provide players with valuable perks like free packs, gold, and attack boosts. October has eight codes so far.

Since MARVEL Future Revolution released in late August, gamers searched the internet for promo codes that offered coveted perks like Gold, Packs, and Attack Boosts to help them gain power in the game. For October there is a new list of functional promo codes that players can take advantage of.

MARVEL Future Revolution has a variety of abilities, perks, and other upgrades that players can collect by completing in-game objectives, so it’s only natural that the developers come up with promo codes to help players out a bit. Leveling can be a chore MARVEL Future Revolution, So packs, boxes, boosts, and currencies are all available for purchase. Promo codes can help non-paying players feel they can follow those who choose to.

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Unfortunately, promotional codes expire, and although some codes available for MARVEL Future Revolution from September are still valid, not all of them will be available until October. Fortunately, there is an updated list of promo codes. Granted, what players can get with promo codes hasn’t changed much, but the codes used to access rewards may have changed.

How to enter October promo codes in MARVEL Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution Heros In Combat

There are eight promo codes currently available for Marvel Future Revolution from October 2021:

  • LIVE – Exclusive in-game items.
  • LAUNCH825 – 1-3 star costume box.
  • THE FUTURE IS NOW – An Alpha Supply Box
  • OMEGAVOL – A medium attack boost
  • CONVERGENCE – A medium attack boost
  • DOWNLOAD DMFR – Omega 1-3 Star Card Box
  • GAMESPOTMFR – 50x potential reports.
  • AGENTM – 50K Gold

To enter these codes, players can press the menu button at the top right of the main screen. Once in the menu, they should tap Settings, then Account. There are a number of options on this screen, but players will need to use the Coupon button. Finally, they have to select Omega Flight Coupon, and there will be a field to enter the promo codes.

The codes are not case sensitive, so players don’t have to worry about typing in all caps. Tap Confirm after entering a code to redeem it and the game will display the corresponding reward. Players can repeat this process until they have taken advantage of each gift Marvel Future Revolution has to offer this month.

Players should also make sure to check next month for any new promo codes arriving in November, as a new one or two have appeared at the start of each month since. MARVEL Future Revolution launch. While most rewards remain the same from month to month, it is always useful to keep an eye out for codes that have changed.

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Marvel Future Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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