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CHENNAI: Already in trouble for not having followed the 2011 Sports Code in its entirety, the Indian Equestrian Federation (EFI) could get further into trouble due to an ongoing lawsuit. The Delhi High Court on Tuesday adjourned a hearing until October 21, making it nearly impossible for EFI to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) before September 30, as its statutes require.

It would also have an effect on the election of officials for at least nine of the 21 vacant positions in EFI. The adjournment of the hearing was made at the request of the federation but it risks casting a shadow over upcoming events including the Asian Games trials scheduled for next month. Notably, the new EFI season begins in October.

Moreover, an email sent by Secretary General Jaiveer Singh to outgoing members of the executive committee informing them of their term expiration on Monday was not well received. According to one member, a member’s mandate cannot be terminated by a letter from the secretariat but only by a meeting of the board of directors or of the house.

A day before the scheduled hearing, Singh sent a letter to six members of the executive committee to inform them of the end of their term. The mail, however, was not well received by members, sources said. “These members will continue until the new elections. The secretary general of the EFI or its secretariat alone cannot take an arbitrary decision on the end of the mandate of the members of the EC. Instead, the High Court should be notified or asked for instructions on dismissing members, ”the sources said.

Earlier, the EFI had argued in court that the mandate of nine of the 21 EC members was coming to an end and that the election of new members was therefore due. But EFI’s adjournment request blocked petitioner Rajasthan Equestrian Association. “They are trying to buy time, which in fact is not fair for the athletes because the EFI schedule usually starts in October,” Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod, president of the Rajasthan association, told the daily. . The EFI secretary general, however, did not comment on the matter, saying the case was under judged.

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