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DuBOIS – In addition to the referendum issue on the consolidation between the Town of DuBois and the Township of Sandy, the election of a new magistrate district judge seat in DuBois will highlight the November 2 poll for voters in the area of DuBois in Clearfield County.

For the fourth time since 1989, voters in the city and township will have the opportunity to vote for or against the merger of the two municipalities. The referendum question on consolidation in next week’s general election ballot must be passed in both municipalities for consolidation to occur.

The question to be printed on the official township and city ballot paper for the municipal election on November 2 is as follows:

“Should the Township of Sandy and the Town of DuBois come together to form a new third-class town which will be called the Town of DuBois and will be governed by the Council-Manager Form of Government in accordance with the Charter of the autonomy and the law on optional plans and comprising a Council of seven members, elected at general (one of whom will be the mayor), an elected treasurer, an elected comptroller and an appointed director? “

The question of consolidation was approved three times by the inhabitants of the city and rejected three times by the voters of the canton in 1989, 1995 and 2002.

In 2002, voters in Sandy Township voted no to reunification with a vote of 2,408-1,662. Voters in DuBois voted for consolidation with a vote of 2325-310.

This year, Clearfield County Electoral Officer Dawn Graham said there were 4,802 registered voters in the town; 7,394 in Sandy Township (including Treasure Lake). The number of registered voters at Treasure Lake is 3,338. The number of mail-in ballots sent to DuBois was 324, with 176 returned; 601 sent to township, with 288 returned (including Treasure Lake); and 280 sent to Treasure Lake, with 138 returned.

Federal judge Two candidates will compete for the seat of judge in the DuBois Magistrate District – Elliot M. Gelfand and David Sean Meholick, both residents of DuBois.

Gelfand and Meholick both applied as Republicans and Democrats in the May 18 primary election. Gelfand won the Democratic nomination and Meholick won the Republican nomination.

There is only one ballot for this election, according to Clearfield County Electoral Officer Dawn Graham, therefore Gelfand will be entered first and Meholick second, as the position on the ballot is determined by the party of Governor Tom Wolf, who is a Democrat.

The seat of justice, District 46-3-01 of Clearfield County, includes the regions of DuBois, Sandy Township, Huston Township, Brady Township, Troutville, Pine Township and Union Township. A special election is being held for the seat following the retirement of longtime judge Patrick N. Ford in October 2020.

City of DuBoisThere are no races contested in the Town of DuBois.

Edward L. Walsh, who was appointed mayor in August 2020 following the resignation of Randy Schmidt, will run unopposed for the remaining two years as mayor.

City Treasurer Lisa LaBrasca Becker is running for re-election for a four-year term.

Republican Shannon Renee Gabriel, who has been nominated to take Walsh’s seat on the council, is running for the remaining two years of the council seat from which Walsh resigned upon his appointment as mayor.

Republicans Shane Dietz and James Aughenbaugh are running for re-election for two four-year terms.

Republican David Allen Volpe is running for the remaining two years of the comptroller’s post, which Gabriel stepped down on his appointment to the Walsh seat following his mayoral appointment. Volpe was appointed to the position of comptroller in August.

Township of SandyThree candidates are running for two seats for a six-year term on the Sandy Township Supervisory Board in this year’s poll.

They include: J. Barry Abbott Sr., who won the Democratic and Republican nominations in the May 18 primary; incumbent James L. Jeffers, who won the Democratic nomination; and incumbent Mark T. Sullivan, who won the Republican nomination.

Collector Elizabeth “Libby” Roudybush is running unopposed for another four-year term in this post. She won the Democratic and Republican nomination in the primary.

DuBois region school boardAlthough there appear to be no contested races on the printed ballot for five available seats at the DuBois area school board, with three incumbents running unopposed, several residents announced campaigns in writing. .

In Region A, which encompasses the town of DuBois, incumbents David Schwab and Albert Varacallo III did not seek re-election for a four-year term and a two-year term.

Republican Charlie Watt will appear on the ballot for the two and four year seats. He was a candidate for writing in the May primary.

Last week Deidre Brown announced his written candidacy for the Region A seat.

Incumbents Lawrence Joseph Salone and Jeffrey S. Madinger are running for re-election in Region B, which includes the Townships of Sandy, Huston and Union and the Borough of Falls Creek in Clearfield County. The two crossed paths on the Republican and Democratic ballots for two four-year terms.

Last week Brooke Porada and Steve Russo, both of Sandy Township and Treasure Lake, announced their writing candidates for District B.

In region C, which includes the township of Brady and the borough of Troutville in the county of Clearfield and the boroughs of Sykesville and Reynoldsville and the township of Winslow in the county of Jefferson, incumbent Sam Armagost is running unopposed for his re-election. He cross-nominated on the Republican and Democratic ballots for a four-year term seat.

Last week Kent Smith announced his written candidacy for the position of Principal for District C.

The contested races in Clearfield County include Prothonotary and Clerk of the Courts, where incumbent Brian K. Spencer, a Republican, is contested by Democrat Curtis James Campman for four years, in addition to the comptroller seat where Republican Robert Edwards Jr. and Democrat Zachary Bloom are running for a four-year term.

Clearfield County Sheriff Michael B. Churner is running unopposed for re-election for another four-year term.

Graham said there were a total of 48,078 registered voters in Clearfield County. She said they sent out a total of 3,250 mail-in ballots and received 1,613 in return.

No issues have been reported with the upcoming election, according to Graham, who noted that the unofficial results are expected to be posted on the county’s website on election night.

“I don’t foresee any delays,†Graham said.

In Jefferson County, two county-wide races lead the poll.

Republican incumbent Jeff Burkett is listed against Democratic challenger Joe Ryan for the Jefferson County District Attorney.

For Jefferson County Treasurer, Democrat James “Jim” Mackie is challenging outgoing Republican James “Moon” VanSteenberg.

Brenda D. Shumaker is running unopposed for Jefferson County Coroner.

In the Borough of Brockway, William D. Hrinya ran for mayor without opposition while Lugene Inzana, G. Edward Horner, Armando Furtunato and Rick Renwick were registered for four seats on the Borough Council.

In the Borough of Falls Creek, Darrell A. Kirsch, Margaret Peggy Weible, Leonard J. Larkin, Keith L. Snyder and Ethan M. Fritz are running for four seats on the Borough Council.

In Punxsutawney, seven candidates are running for four borough council seats for a four-year term. These candidates are Robert A. Cardamone, Sharon A. Murray, Michele Boo Lorenzo, Eric Story, Justin Cameron, Cynthia Rebuck and Devon Luzell. For a two-year term on the board, Sharon A. Murray is running against Joshua McAfoos.

Six candidates are running for four seats for four-year terms on the Brookville School Board, including Elisha Burns, Adler Fleming, Luc Doolittle, Matt Park, Erin J. Schiafone and Christopher Rhodes.

In the municipal election on November 2, some contested races will be held in Elk County.

Mayor of the Town of St. Marys (four year term): Democrat Bob Roberts and Republican Lyle Garner will compete for the nomination of mayors of St. Marys.

St. Marys Town Council (two-year term): Incumbent Shane Schneider, a Democrat, will face Republican nominee Salley Geyer for the only vacant seat and a two-year term on St. Marys Town Council.

St. Marys City Council (four-year term): Democratic Party incumbents Margie Brown and Shane Schneider will face former Republican Councilors Ned Jacob and Jermone Sorg for three open council seats.

Ridgway Area School Principal (two year term): Peter Coffman, a Democrat, and Padraic McGrath, a Republican, will compete for a seat on the Ridgway Area School Board of Trustees .

Ridgway Borough Council (four-year term): Incumbents Steve Caggeso and Ronald Burkett will face several newcomers for the four open seats on Ridgway Borough Council, including Joe Gasbarre, Stevie Gustafson and Matthew Frank from the Democratic Party, and Steve Lawrie and Brent Kemmer of the Republican Party.

Ridgway Borough Tax Collector (four-year term): Either Mary McGrath from the Democratic Party or Kris Roselli, Republican, will be appointed as the Ridgway Borough Tax Collector.

Mayor of the Borough of Johnsonburg (four-year term): Democratic candidate John Fowler will face Kyle Paget of the Republican Party for the post of Mayor of the Borough of Johnsonburg.

Johnsonburg Area School Principal (four year term): Nicole Zimmerman, David Allegretto, Ryan Miller, Courtney Dunworth and Tracy Crowe all running for four vacant seats on the area school board of Johnsonburg.

Jay Township Supervisor (six-year term): Richard Krulia Sr. of the Democratic Party and Joe Uberti Jr. of the Republican Party will fight for an open seat.

Jay Township Inspector of Election (four-year term): Gloria Bleggi, Democrat, and Jody Reed, Republican, vie for a vacant seat.

Jones Township Supervisor (six-year term): Democratic Party Roger Vonarx and Republican Jeff Roberts will compete for a seat.

Highland Township Supervisor (four-year term): Vying for two open seats, Democratic Party’s Matt Vaughn, Republican’s Tom Orzetti, and Democrat / Republican Lloyd Hulings all running for Highland Township Supervisor.


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