Did you miss the 2021 trends? Give them a chance before the end of the year

What are the trends that you would have liked to try this year? Find our personal selections below, all available on Amazon.
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We say goodbye to a one-year whirlwind. Lockdown habits die hard and that is why our hours of screen time have increased – never before has community building on social sites been so robust. Extensive reviews of the ‘gua sha’ face sculpting tool or Vietnamese phin coffee filter turned the circles online, as well as our portfolios.

If life has got in your way and you missed some trends, don’t whine. We bring you the highlights of 2021 on Amazon as we head into the New Year. From moody ambient lighting to countertop dishwashers, have fun with the cool kids before it’s too late.

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1. Better Me Green Jade Roller & Gua Sha facial massage kit

Tik Tok kept raving about this Chinese remedy, with reviews showing their jaws seemingly sharper after weeks. The Better Me Facial Massage Kit lets you try your hand at draining lymphatic fluids from cheeks to neck at home. It comes with luxurious scroll and certified Xiuyan jade stone gua sha.

2. Mini portable dishwasher, dishwashing capacity (4-6 sets)

So there is a microwave which allows you to wash your dirty dishes. Portable dishwashers are great for saving space in studios, especially if you live on your own. Place it on the kitchen counter and pour water manually into the 5 liter tank to start the appliance. The dish rack can hold four to six sets of dishes, with plates up to 25cm in length.

3. PHILIPS Essential air fryer, analog, 0.8 kg

Yes, we’re still obsessed with oil-less air fryers in 2021. A good deal for those with limited time to cook, this Philips air fryer gets the job done without fanfare or complicated settings. Hot air cooks, bakes and grills anything from fries to chicken in the deep basket with a capacity of 4.1 liters. Get healthy air fryer recipes from the accompanying food app, if this is uncharted territory for you.

4. Multicolored Sunset Lamp

Standard room lights were scrapped in favor of ambient lighting. Atmospheric, easy on the eyes and photogenic, Mandalaki designer lamps have given new meaning to interior lighting. This affordable alternative light floods your room with a sunset glow, using four different colors – rainbow, sunset, sunset red, and sun. The floor lamp is powered by a 1.5 meter long USB cable.

5. Korean Dalgona Sugar Candy Set (9 pieces in 1 set)

The Korean thriller ‘Squid Game’ is on everyone’s lips. The most innocuous trend that came out of this fever was the sweet dalgona candy. Now you can make traditional rock candy with your own nine piece dalgona set, including several cookie molds, a hand juicer, and a shallow ladle. Can you extract the cookies without breaking them?

6. Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

This sensory toy has kept the little ones distracted from the screens. Pop It is a silicone toy filled with bubbles that children can push in and out. The round multicolored piece by MarkQ is washable and comes in attractive rainbow colors.

7. AKOD reversible octopus plush

Another hit with kids was the octopus reversible plush. When returned, the marine animal changes color and facial expression. This plush toy is available in baby blue and pink colors which can be treated locally with soap.

8. Face mask jewelry chain

The world quickly adopted dazzling face masks when they became essential. One way our fashion game still reigned strong was to hang jewelry chains from our masks. It also keeps the mask close at hand, relieves ear pressure, and makes a thoughtful gift. Choose from the range of accessories for Mernjir masks: this gold chain comes with small pearls.

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