DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Boris Johnson is still the best man to lead Britain

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Boris Johnson is still the best man to lead Britain

The Prime Minister returns to his office today after an impressive display of political savvy on the world stage.

After a Commonwealth conference in Rwanda aimed at building a common future, he returned to Europe to galvanize NATO and a hesitant G7 to bolster their support for Ukraine.

Sadly, however, his achievements were overshadowed by another row of conservative sleaze, leading to inevitable further attacks on his leadership. There are even reports of rebel backbenchers plotting another regicide attempt – just a month after the last one failed.

When will this self-harm end? Yes, the Chris Pincher case is appalling and should have been handled better. But there are much more important issues.

There is a painful crisis in the cost of living, a war in Europe and a migration crisis. Meanwhile, Tony Blair and his embittered Remainer pals are on a renewed mission to strangle Brexit.

The Prime Minister returns to his office today after an impressive show of political savvy on the world stage

Instead of dissipating its energy in brainless infighting, the Conservative Parliamentary Party must focus on the issues that really matter to its constituents. They can only do this by supporting their leader.

Despite all his recent problems – some self-inflicted – this newspaper unequivocally believes that Boris Johnson is the right man to lead the party and the country.

None of the potential replacements have his almost unique ability to connect with voters across the social and political spectrum. Above all, he is the only one capable of winning the next elections.

It won’t be easy. There have been many missteps and Downing Street needs to seriously up its game. But if ministers and backbench MPs can come together and find their raison d’être, it is not too late. This means the self-harm must stop now. Voters will not elect a party at war with itself.

The alternative is too dark to imagine. Labor cannot hope to form a majority government, so they would create a chaotic alliance with the Lib Dems, Scots Nats and whoever they can train.

The likely consequences are union breakdown, proportional representation and the quagmire of the permanent coalition. It is the duty of every Conservative MP to devote himself to averting this catastrophe. If they fail, they will not be forgiven.

criminals on the loose

The tainted reputation of our criminal justice system suffers another blow today, as we reveal that more than 22,000 suspected criminals are roaming the streets after failing to appear in court.

They include at least 11 suspected murderers and more than 400 accused of serious sex offences.

The police say they don’t have time to pursue these fugitives. Yet the Daily Mail found two by calling their homes. Would it really have been so difficult for the police to do the same?

Confidence in the justice system is crumbling and needs to be restored. This not only means catching more criminals, but also ensuring they are brought to justice.

Grief Gallery

Today the Mail publishes a haunting photo gallery of 36 mostly young men who were driven to suicide by gambling addiction. Their stories are truly heartbreaking.

Every day lives are torn apart by problematic betting, but it looks like a white paper promised to tackle the problem is about to be watered down.

Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg reportedly felt it would be an unwarranted intrusion into people’s privacy. He should try to tell that to the families of the victims we imagine today.

The Mail instinctively opposes nanny statism. But the most vulnerable must be protected. This government promised reform. It must deliver – in full.


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