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The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Domingo Cordova Jr. two days after its task force on the mail theft began on October 15, 2020, after a high-speed chase involving several law enforcement officers . The arrest also led to the end of an eight-month investigation by the Jourdanton Police Department that obtained an arrest warrant for Cordova the week before. OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF OF ATASCOSA COUNTY | COURTESY PHOTO

Following his arrests over the past two years, Domingo Cordova Jr. had a hearing before the Honorable Judge Russell Wilson of the 218th District Judicial Court on November 22, where he was sentenced to probation.

In October 2020, Cordova was arrested and charged with a third degree felony of alleged theft of mail from 30 addresses. He was also charged with the alleged fraudulent use or possession of credentials by the Jourdanton Police Department. Bonds for Cordova were set at $ 50,000 for mail theft and $ 30,000 for escape from arrest with a motor vehicle. This arrest marked the end of an eight-month investigation by the Jourdanton Police Department.

After being released from Atascosa County Jail, Cordova was arrested again on February 15, 2021. He was charged with a Class A felony for alleged theft of mail from less than 10 addresses.

Justice Wilson sentenced Cordova to probation. A former police officer from Jourdanton as well as a juvenile probation officer both wrote a letter of recommendation for Cordova.


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