Cheri Beasley will win the Democratic Senate primary in North Carolina

(Saul Loeb/Pool/Getty Images)

Even if Madison Cawthorn wins a victory tonight, he won’t be welcomed with open arms by his GOP colleagues on Capitol Hill, according to several Republican lawmakers.

Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican who actively worked to defeat Cawthorn in the primary, said he heard discussions among his colleagues about banning Cawthorn from joining certain House caucuses and denying him assignments. key in the committees. A House Republican familiar with the matter confirmed those discussions.

“Certainly if this pattern of behavior doesn’t end, I think there could be consequences there,” Tillis told CNN.

“But I hope if he were to win, I hope he sees this as a very valuable education on what we expect in terms of respect for your colleagues on each end of the spectrum, and a focus on legislative results. Less, you know, less attention seeking, more results,” Tillis added.

The litany of complaints — from his comments about being invited to cocaine and orgy parties to crude videos of his past and calling Ukrainian President Zelensky a “thug” — have made Cawthorn a pariah among his colleagues.

Senator Richard Burr, who called Cawthorn ’embarrassing every day that ends in y’, was equally blunt, saying, ‘I doubt it,’ when asked if Congressional Republicans would embrace it. if he won.

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