Cardless partners with American to launch co-branded credit cards

US-based fintech Without card has partnered with American Express to enable US travel providers and retailers to launch digital cards.

Customers will enjoy unique rewards from their favorite brands and access some of the benefits of American Express including Amex offers (for shopping, travel, dining, entertainment, etc.) and Global Dining Access by Resy , among others.

American Express officials said brands want to give their customers a more personalized experience and engage more deeply with them, and their relationship with Cardless makes that possible by giving their customers access to benefits and protections. from American Express.

Cardless has successfully completed a series of venture capital financings. Cardless uses its capital investments from Amex Ventures and other venture capital firms to continue to develop and expand the company’s product offerings, including exploring other opportunities, innovations and partnerships within the American Network. Express.

All Cardless cards offer several features designed for digital native consumers, both in terms of security and ease of access. New users will be able to apply for a Cardless card using their smartphone and, upon approval, the virtual card will be delivered to their mobile wallet within seconds, with a physical card arriving a few days later. Customers manage their accounts directly through the Cardless mobile app, with instant access to rewards, purchase tracking, bill payment, and more.

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