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How is the recall process in California different from that in other states?

There are four types recall elections in the United States. When it comes to the removal of a governor, the process is only legal in 20 states.

California uses what is called a ‘simultaneous recall election‘and more precisely an election in two parts. This means that voters are asked if they wish to remove the governor as well as by whom they wish to replace him in the same election.

Other states split the recall into two elections. What is the benefit to of that?

Well here is a historical example. In 2003, California held a recall election for then-governor Gray Davis. Governor Davis lost his recall by a margin of 44 to 56 percent. Arnold Schwarzenegger received the most votes to replace Davis of all the contenders by collecting around 48 percent of the vote.

Corn to imagine that Schwarzenegger had still won the majority of the votes of the other candidates, but had only obtained 40 percent of the vote. This would mean that the incumbent governor would receive a greater percentage of the vote than that of the person replacing him.

And while this did not happen in 2003, this could be a situation in the 2021 gubernatorial recall because of the sheer number – 46 – of candidates running to replace Newsom.

By dividing the election into two parts, this iproblem can be avoided. During an election, voters are asked if they would like to call the governor back. If a majority votes YES, then at a later date the electorate will choose a new governor. This is called a separate special election and is the way the law is written in Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

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