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What a difference a few decades make. I remember receiving letters from my parents when I was a child in a camp with a three-cent stamp on them. They were delivered quickly. In the days leading up to Christmas we received morning and afternoon delivery. La Poste, as it was called then, united the nation and opened up the world (some children had “penpals” in other countries) before there were Internet and Facebook “friends”, including most of us don’t know.

Going to the mailbox and seeing what was in it was a daily adventure. You would raise a red flag on the side of the box to let the postman know you had something to send. If you peeked into the mail car of a train, you would see many bags and know they were on their way to their intended destination in a timely manner.

DeJoy says airlines are no longer reliable in delivering mail and wants to rely more on ground services. It worked for the Pony Express!

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 states: “The basic function of the postal service is to provide postal services to unite the nation through the personal, educational, literary and commercial correspondence of the people. It will provide fast, reliable and efficient services to customers in all areas and provide postal services to all communities.

Then there is the unofficial yet familiar Postal Service ‘motto’: “Neither snow, rain, heat, nor darkness of the night prevents these couriers from quickly completing their rounds.” “


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