Blame Koby Altman For Teams Trying To “Rip Off” Cleveland


The Cavs are a team other NBA teams are trying to rip off, thanks to Koby Altman.

The Cavs are not a respected team. Neither in the field, nor in the media, nor even among other front offices. They have prepared for failure time and time again by trading valuable players for next to nothing in return. Why? Because Koby Altman settled for less. Instead of trying to re-sign some veterans, instead of engaging in fiery sales, the Cavs have ruined their bargaining power.

Other teams know this and are now only offering low ball deals for the Cavs’ top prospects. Not only that, but the teams know they can beat the Cavaliers.

As Sam Amico of HoopsWire writes;

Either way, the commercial offers for Nance have been there throughout the offseason. But according to the sources of Hoops Wire, none have been very good. In fact, it looks like other teams are still in ‘let’s see if we can rip off the Cavs’ mode.

The Cavs need a new GM more than ever

You can give Koby Altman props to draft Collin Sexton, trade for Ricky Rubio, and even draft Evan Mobley. These are just three of the good moves made on a few dozen Altman’s, the rest of which propelled this team down a dark and depressing road.

While you can say he was drafted as well as he could, which we would love to have a conversation about eventually, you can’t deny that his contracts, transactions, and ability (inability) to sign agents free have been anything but poorly executed.

You’re not just building teams through the draft.

The teams have now made it clear to Altman that he is a patsy. It has taken the fall on some of the worst trades and contracts in the NBA and teams love to use it to facilitate trading in order to improve without giving anything in return.

Jordan Clarkson? All it took for Utah to land a career goalscorer of 15.3 points per game and the 2021 Sixth Man of the Year award was Dante Exum and two second-round picks. These second round picks are about as valuable as a free Frosty coupon at Wendy’s.

It expired two years ago.

The Cavs are therefore notorious for getting ripped off. Because second-round picks that don’t mean much, if ever, are somehow as valuable as the sixth-best player on an NBA team. Clarkson isn’t the only example, but he’s the only one we need to prove Altman has no idea what he’s doing. Teams don’t respect Altman for a reason.

The Beat Cavs writers can inflate Altman’s ego as much as they want, but he has to go. If he can’t demand respect from his peers, then how can he from the media and the fans? He is not a leader.

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