After five years, Dhanbad-Ranchi Intercity Express will stop at Katrasgarh


Dhanbad, November 8: After more than five years, the Dhanbad-Ranchi Intercity Express train will stop at Katrasgarh Railway Station in the Dhanbad-Chandrapura Railway Section under the Dhanbad Railway Division.

The East Central Railway (ECR) rail zone has issued a notification about the stoppage of this train at Katrasgarh station from November 9, ending the long turmoil among coal belt residents.

The Dhanbad-Ranchi Intercity Express stop at Katrasgarh Railway Station was halted on June 15, 2017. Following the danger of Jharia underground fire, the Board of Railways suspended the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway line from 34 km long on June 15, 2017. The process was initiated on the recommendation of the Directorate General for Mine Safety (DGMS).

Following the suspension of the track, the circulation of 26 pairs of courier-express trains was affected.

However, due to people’s unrest, the Railway Board finally opened the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway line on February 25, 2019, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. But Dhanbad-Ranchi Intercity stop was not given at Katrasgarh station.

According to the railway notification, the train would stop for two minutes at the said station. En route to Ranchi from Dhanbad, the train would arrive at 6:06am and depart at 6:08am. Coming back to Dhanbad from Ranchi, the train would arrive at 22:25 and leave for Dhanbad at 22:27.

“Thank you to the union government as well as the Railway Board for responding to the demand of the people of the region,” said social activist Vijay Jha of Katras who, together with Binod Goswamy, fought a long battle for the resumption of the Dhanbad-Chandrapura line and the stoppage of the line. Intercity at Katrasgarh station.

Jha said Ranchi is the state capital where people have to go daily for official work. But due to the train not stopping at Katrasgarh station, locals had to travel to Dhanbad, 35 km away, for the train from Ranchi.

He said the stoppage of Intercity at Katrasgarh station is the result of peaceful unrest by thousands of people. However, he said the unrest of the people will continue until the railway does not resume the movement of the Dhanbad-Chandrapur passenger train for which the DC line is recognized and is seen as the lifeline inhabitants of the coal belt.

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