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Congressman Joel Heatwole is a good boy and handsome as a peach. We all love it. If he had allowed kings of money and trusts to align him with the gold standard, the leader could back him for Congress this year.

The bicycle thief hit Hutchinson. Old fashioned security was stolen from WJ Ives’ backyard. Lock your wheels.

The 49th County Fair conducted under the auspices of the McLeod County Agricultural Association at Hutchinson is in full swing as of this writing. It’s the best fair ever, there’s no doubt about it. The exhibits are large and comprehensive, the races and other attractions are high class, and the nightly shows, with a half-hour fireworks display, have proven to be popular with at least 1,500 people attending.

Steel beams and beams for the new Leader building arrived by truck and Miller & Miller erected them. Each of the large beams weighs approximately 3,000 pounds, and the total steel cargo trucked in was 27,000 pounds.

Hutchinson Meat Market Levels look a lot like Mother Hubbard’s closet. The situation looks pretty grim, although none of the city’s meat markets expect to get to the point where there is absolutely nothing to be had. The quota of meat that markets are legally allowed to process has been reduced to 1944 levels, but stocks of meat are lower than that year because meat-packing plants cannot supply anything.

A $ 200,000 item In a proposed 1971-1972 budget of nearly $ 7 million for School District 423, there was another go-around at the school board meeting. The $ 200,000, a new item in the 1970-1921 budget, was questioned during a public budget hearing. Entered as a construction fund, the $ 200,000 was budgeted for the current fiscal year in October 1970 before the school bond issue in November 1970. The use of the $ 200,000 was originally intended for the bond and interest payment for the construction program, which consisted of a new Hutchinson area vocational technical school after voters rejected the new high school and renovated elementary school part of the bond issue.

It’s coke. Viking Coca-Cola will be the exclusive drink of Hutchinson High School. In exchange for a 10-year contract and some advertising space, the pop vendor will contribute $ 68,000 in cash to help the school purchase electronic equipment for the sports program, as well as an outdoor marquee. General Information.

Robert peters fed a 73-pound watermelon in his rural Hutchinson garden. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever lifted,” said Peters. “I have cultivated them for many years. They have been good this year because they like the dry season. They seem to do best when it’s dry and hot. Peters said he had a number of other watermelons in the 20 to 25 pound range. “They are really adorable this year,” he added.

The 1996 14th Annual Minnesota State Tag Team Bowling Tournament recently took place at Brunswick Lanes in Eden Prairie. There were 708 teams in the tournament with 3,540 bowlers. In Class C, with 197 teams competing, “Dream Team 3” of Ryan Dolezel, Ryan Ewert, Tyler Powell, Tory Wylie and Brady Plaisance won the State Championship and each received a $ 500 scholarship, a badge of state champion and a first place plaque.

Popular platform: Regarding the person who called about the Junior-Senior Egg War. You probably can’t accept that your child isn’t the perfect angel you think she is.

Popular platform: Hutchinson Gas and Electric provided a free gas furnace safety check. Then, because the heating and plumbing (companies) complained about taking their jobs, the gas company stopped doing it all together. I think if enough of us complained we could get the free service back. The gas company doesn’t take any repair work, it just offers security.

You asked: Why should the post office not comply with the United States Disability Act and make the building accessible to people with disabilities in wheelchairs? According to Hutchinson Postmaster Dean Wood, the Hutchinson Post Office is designated as a historic building and cannot be altered, according to U.S. postal officials. Therefore, no changes are planned for accessibility. Other outlets in the community, including More 4 and Cash Wise, offer everything the post office offers except express mail and registered mail service.

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