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Faxing as a means of sending documents has gained popularity due to its security and convenience. However, innovations and technological improvements have exposed the disadvantages of faxing, such as slow speed. In addition, you had to physically use the fax machine to send documents.

For a while, the use of faxes declined dramatically as people switched to faster options such as email. These new methods have made document transfer more convenient, but have raised several concerns about data security, such as hacking. As a result, many industries are reverting to the use of faxes. This time, faxing took advantage of improved technology, and it is now possible to send faxes online while connected via fax software as well as via e-mails.

Industries expected to embrace online faxing

Due to the benefits of online faxing, such as secure data transfer, several industries have embraced it, and many more are looking to take this route. Here is a list of some industries and businesses that will benefit the most from online faxing:

1. Health care

One industry that holds some of the most important customer information is the healthcare industry. Data is typically crucial in treatment procedures and other areas where medical records might be required. Thus, the value of these sensitive details has made them lucrative for hackers and other attackers, as they can sell them for large sums of money.

Another concern in the healthcare industry is that data needs to be shared with different people, some of whom work remotely. This is mainly done through email, which is a prime target for phishing attacks. Therefore, to help reduce such instances, online faxing could be a great option for sending patient data to authorized personnel, as faxing offers more secure transmission.

2. Law firms

Law firms are mainly characterized by paperwork regarding evidence, agreements and general client information. Most of the time, there is a need to share these files with clients, courts and others. As such, there must be a secure way to transfer these files to protect against tampering, hacking, or data theft.

Faxing is one of the most convenient ways of sending, as they are mostly kept in paperwork. Therefore, a computer with fax software can be connected to a scanner, and then the document will be scanned and sent to the receiving address.

In addition to providing security, it also makes it easier for the recipient as the document is printed at its end without saving again. The simple transmission of documents can build a good relationship within your law firm.

3. Business marketing

Most businesses still want to connect with customers and prospects on a personal level to convert them into buyers. Strategies like email marketing have been adequate to some extent, but businesses face competition from other email marketers. Therefore, when customers open their inbox, your email is in a pool of other messages and can quickly become spam or go unnoticed.

However, online faxing could work like direct mail and give marketers an edge over their competition because the message is printed on paper, so it’s easy to notice. The prospect then receives the marketing message and can connect to your business as a buyer.

4. Banking institutions

One of the main security protocols in the banking industry is signature verification. Customers must sign documents before approving any transaction. This protocol is essential to ensure that banks comply with government regulations and maintain public trust. It helps keep the banks in business.

Therefore, one of the most important ways to get signatures from customers who are not in the bank is to fax them, they can then fax them back after signing. Additionally, some customers are not familiar or comfortable with other digital banking systems, and they would still rely on papers. This made online faxing important in the banking industry.

5. Government institutions

Different government institutions always send or receive documents of significant importance, so there is always a need for security and verification. For example, a business may be required to provide proof of tax compliance, and the best way to do this is to have physical proof of a signed document. To obtain it, you can ask the ministry to fax the certificate of conformity, so that it can be printed on your side.

Additionally, while these departments may opt for other methods such as sending documents by mail, online faxing can have the same results in less time. It also reduces the costs incurred during courier delivery.

6. Real estate

The real estate market involves relationships between sellers and buyers. During this period, many documents such as titles, house photos and many more are often shared between different parties. By using online faxes, realtors can connect with clients on different platforms without much hassle.

They can also customize each sales pitch to suit the buyer’s needs. And because the fax is printed on the recipient’s side, attention is drawn. Therefore, there is a good chance that home sellers will communicate with buyers and sell their homes faster.

7. Investment funds

Investment fund managers always deliver important messages to their clients regarding investments. Of course, other methods such as phone calls and email can be used during communication, but phone calls can be missed and high fees can be charged in cases where the manager needs to call many people.

Emails may also be filtered as spam or investors may not notice these messages. However, if managers opt for online fax, they will present the messages to stakeholders in physical form. In addition, these documents can be filed and reviewed.


Online faxing has the potential to revolutionize the sending of documents. Just like the previous version offered a secure and personalized way to send documents, the software version offers them as well. However, the online platform has more to offer as it can combine with email and be sent remotely.

These seven industries are not the only ones that can benefit from online services. Many others can adopt online faxing and achieve secure and personalized transmission. Consider the ideas mentioned here when integrating online faxing in your industry.


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